Results: 2020 Lune Spark Young Writers' Short Story Contest!

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A (10-13 years)

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Rank Contestant's Name Story Title Story Synopsis
1 Raphael Courouble Diary of a Dying Soldier A soldier's deepest thoughts and memories while walking to forget his terrible fate.
2 SongHyun Eunice LEE Ring Bestowed A family heirloom and a girl abandoned by her mother. When bad fortune hits the family, secrets are revealed. Will Aubrey find the answer to the questions that haunt her from childhood, or will a chapter of her life remain unfinished forever?
3 Nico Roman Cordonier Gehring Script Climate Change Magic Story's plays change reality, and reveal potential futures. As the terrible impacts of climate change advance across his land, the young boy in the wheelchair discovers he is capable of great transformations, harnessing his unique magic as a playwright to inspire youth movements who can change their world. Finally, by writing his own soul into the most important drama he has ever dreamt, Story tries to save his Troupe and the children they shelter from the storms.
4 Brady Hammond The Boy Who Loved Peanut Butter Waffles The Boy Who Loved Peanut Butter Waffles is inspired by my love for turning waffles into the most delicious sandwiches on the planet. The book explains. The picture book is similar to THE PEANUT-FREE CAFÉ. But instead of a peanut butter-obsesed boy with a new allergic pal, the book features an honest kid named Jack dealing with a baby brother he’s unsure he wants who turns out to be allergic to nuts.
5 Sachin Chandran Blackout A blackout has left Zeek Edmonds V stranded in a different time. Will he be able to get back to the world he knows?
6 Nile Randolph Luna A girl goes on a quest to release a curse bestowed on her by a witch. Can she save herself from a fate she's dreaded since childhood?
7 Kira Chen Gone Girls Float The lake where Angie's sister drowned holds surprises.
8 Tara Callinan Lucky Encounter An unfortunate wizard escapes banishment from the wizarding society by befriending a poor maid from the manor.
9 Mara Bech Not Too Late An elderly woman reflects on her life. She needs to put things right with her daughter, but is it too late?
10 Arjun Bajwa The Attack of King Covid King Covid is spreading a deadly disease but what is making him do it?
11 Elijah Bodden Molten Souls A young Molten Soul, Absina discovers an ability that could destroy--or save--her planet.
12 Ashritha Vuddharaju How I tamed a Shapeshifter How I tamed a Shapeshifter? What is a Shapeshifter? Are shapeshifters for real?  You must be thinking, I‚Äôm making up this story for a class project or something, right? No, I‚Äôm not. I‚Äôll narrate you the most exciting episode of how it all happened and how kindness can tame the wildest of beasts.
13 Alita Sebastian Heir A girl and her friends board a school bus on an ordinary day. What happens next is something no one had prepared for.
14 Gavin Chan Blood Ties Charlie Johnson, a young man has to flee Memphis Tennessee with his family as war is declared between the Northern and Southern states. Charlie gets conscripted into the Confederate army and is forced to fight in the deadly Battle of Shiloh, what will happen to him and will he survive?
15 MRIDULA SRINIVAS Through My Lens When a young woman realizes that she has never truly discovered her passion, will she continue her job in a dull matter? Or realize what makes her work truly special?
16 Aydan Wong Home Alexandra's malevolent stepmother won't stop making her life miserable. One day, after Alexandra is forced to sleep in the rat-filled basement, she wakes up in the most beautiful paradise she has ever experienced. Shortly after Alexandra has finally found the refuge, though, she is torn apart from it. Will she ever be able to return to her true home?
17 Bella Marciano The Prophecy After making a wish to locate her family, Paisley finds herself in a fairy kingdom where they tell her she is their future queen. All seems well until she discovers the secrets the fairies have been hiding from her.
18 Pranavi Vedula Fun, Fun, Time to Run Chubbs and Jabba are two squirrels, who think they've hit the jackpot. They've found a bird-feeder, after all. But what seems like a fun little picnic soon turns into the wildest adventure of their lives!
19 Neer Jain Zero Ada Lovelace is rebirthed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and she and her friends must work together to solve it. On the way, they meet Patient Zero, who tries to help them. Everyone deeply mistrusts her, then she eventually tries to give the answer to solving the pandemic.
20 YUNG Wing Sum (Nathan) The Adventures of Super Simon Simon got a superpower from a nuclear reactor. Simon struggles as he tries and succeed as a superhero.
21 Jasper Loi Mystery on the Murder Train When Eliza Brakerman, Ryan's little sister, is murdered during a train ride, Ryan must solve the mystery and find the murderer, and fast...
22 Brenna Nichols Together Clara Nightingale is struggling with the recent death of her parents. She can’t sleep, and is just trying to forget the whole thing. Then, one night she hears a strange voice calling her. Who could it be? Clara must decide what to do, and her decision might just change her life forever.
23 Addison Hill as Cress Wallwalker (Pen-Name) Imperfect Azuria, a girl who has been considered an outcast by her village for her imperfections, finally finds where she belongs after rough trials that plagued her life.
24 Alex Chu An Underwater Escape Years ago, Jason thought that he lost his brother, Chuck, swimming in the ocean, but he discovers that his little brother was captured by the King of the Sea.  The two of them must escape before the king steals their lungs to breathe on land, and defeats his brother, Zeus, the King of the Sky.
25 Rylee Yeo Ace of Spades Calypso has always lived in the shadows of her parents. Will she find herself and live a normal life?
26 Quimby Owens Watch Out! A brilliant young girl suffers a terrible loss.
27 August Watson The Raccoon and the Cactus A Raccoon traveling through a desert battles with its own mind to find the water it needs to survive.
28 Sarah Serena Thompson Determination A girl is chased through the streets of Warsaw, Poland by German soldiers in 1941. She fears for her life. Will she escape?
29 Valerie Menke The Mystery of the Horrible Smell When a horrible smell threatens to ruin a birthday party, a ten-year-old girl must solve the mystery before her guests arrive.
Rank Contestant's Name Story Title Story Synopsis
1 Charlotte Flynn Cornflowers In a twisted turn of fate, Germany wins World War II. This short tale depicts the life and losses of a middle-aged woman in the heart of Nazis Germany, her inside narrative and perspective as the war progresses. The challenges she faces raising her daughter as her husband is drafted to fight, and her worry as the battlefield draws closer to home. Despite the somber atmosphere within the country, she has a shimmer of faith that her children are the hope for the future, and that they will bring a new era, one relieved of the darkness and death she has seen. Themes of love, life, and loss are woven into this short narrative.
2 Sivaranjani Velmurugan One Wish The Coronavirus outbreak has granted a young girl's only wish, but her happiness is short lived when the same coronavirus also destroys her beloved older sister's dreams.
3 Thom D. Wang 1832 It is 1832, and the streets of Paris are on the verge of chaos. The students of the revolution, spurred by famine, disease, and class tensions, plan an insurrection for the fifth of June. Martial (nicknamed Elancé for his agility), a scrappy young thief, and his sharp-witted surrogate sister, Ophelia, are civilian bystanders to the burgeoning insurgency. They struggle to hold their found family together as their caretaker, Ethan Paget, an idealistic revolutionary with a secretive past, is drawn deeper into his obligations to the uprising.
4 Olivia Stevens Annabelle You remember the last summer with Annabelle. That was years ago. It was the summer of popsicle stains, scraped knees, muddy shorts, and firefly nights. It was the last time you truly felt happy.
Sometimes you wish you could go back to that carefree summer and re-live the best days of your life.
Maybe you would even accept the bad parts, the parts you wish didn't happen.
But it takes a miracle to undo the past, and like Aunt Heather always said, "What's done is done, and you can't change that, honey."
If only you could.
5 Soumya Shenoy Fight  
6 Arya Kamath So Many Questions Amelia Sullivan is a simple woman who believes herself to be completely ordinary. while her kindhearted husband is away in the army. She finds out a horrible fate has befallen him. In her grieving journey, she is left with questions beyond her wildest dreams.
7 Dia Bhojwani The Silent Spectator A quiet walk down a familiar street inadvertently leads to an agonising realisation for a man who forgives easier than he should.
8 Natalia Gala Discovering Reality It is the year 2699, and scientists have succeeded in bringing people from the past forward to their present. Their feedback on modern life is sure to be positive... or is it? After a meaningful conversation, the head scientist begins to question the way she lives her life.
9 Kendall Conway Poles Apart: Kiska  
10 Evelyn Kelly Her Breakaway In 1969, Debbie joins her high school cheerleading squad in hopes of reconnecting with her former friend Linda, team captain and queen of popularity. Unfortunately, she doesn't fit in with any of the girls, especially not Linda. When she sees a flyer for a newly formed intramural basketball league for girls, she decides to quit cheer, defy the social norms and play basketball. But her dad, the boys' coach, has other opinions.
11 Kelsey Pizante Tower of Light The tragedy of Morgana Jones's sister's death causes her to have a crippling fear of water. When a ship wrecks off the coast near the lighthouse where Morgana and her family live, she is forced to face her fear.
12 Olivia A. Duke Credo Czechoslovakia, 1951. Sometimes the toughest choice is the easiest choice of all.
13 Travis Xue Tidal Waves Tidalus is the best swimmer in the world, but he is very arrogant. Poseidon wants to change Tidalus' personality. What does Poseidon do to change him? Or does he ever?
14 Lara Elliott Seasons of Grief A teen navigates the loss of a close friend. Unsure of what to do they look around to find something to cling on to, anything to replace the hole the grief left.
15 Meghan Kinkade Together Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Simple, right? Enter Jack and Elena. Some things are meant to be-
Only, it was never supposed happen like this.
16 Anika Noby Moolan Seeing Without Sight     During the early 1960s, Rebecca Richards, a young blind girl, struggles to understand the world around her because of one very controversial idea: segregation. Rebecca knows that segregation has caused conflict in her family, and a part of her wants to truly understand it, not just hide under the shelter of simple explanations and protections that her parents have given her. The other part of her wants to hide, to avoid worrying about it because it doesn‚Äôt affect her, and simply enjoy her summer with her newfound friend, Dawn. Seeing Without Sight is the story of how Rebecca is forced to lose her childhood innocence and see the world around her.
17 Hasmik Tumasyan Rubies The gallant Prince Lucas and the beautiful young damsel Eva grow tired of their roles in the kingdom. They instantly feel a connection over their shared distaste for their jobs and forge a short-lived, yet life-changing friendship.
18 Ayala Erez Colors A relationship story written through the emotions associated with certain colors. Such as, blue represents calmness as well as tears; while yellow represents happiness and the noticeable absence of light. An examination of emotions through color.
19 Nyah Benoit Beauty at Sea Beauty at Sea is the telling story of an old was Veteran who has found himself reminiscing about his early days of his youth. This coming of age tale highlights a story of romance, revealing his very first experience in love. This experience seems to have lasted a lifetime.
20 Nishta Nandakumar Not My Fault Follow a teenage girl's spiraling thoughts as she thinks back to the one night that changed her and her life for the worse, and how the voice of reason finally prevails when she is safe in the arms of someone who loves her.
21 Sarah Tsang Wai Kay Matchmaker Irene works for a matchmaking company but has never been able to find love herself, on account of a broken red string.
22 Maya Anvar Her Vision "Why must we suffer?"
When drought and famine suddenly strike her small village, Shirine struggles to find hope and answers to her many questions. Will the woman in her vision provide answers, or is it just a dream?
23 Maya Anvar Lost Dreams A girl who lives in her dreams must wake up to the real world. She has no other choice. Her dreams have been taken from her. Will she ever get them back?
24 Karuna Chandran The Composition of Life Apollo may be the greatest musician ever, but what he lacks is the passion to play. He knows he has to leave it all behind for him to be happy.
25 Sabia Zakia Irfan A Vision Average New York citizen George Polar's life is turned upside down when he receives a vision that his death will happen during the coming day. Will he be able to discover who is the cause and prevent it by the time the day is up?
26 Kate Hwang Today's Tomorrow is Today A homeless man, Earl, makes a connection with a young boy and despite their differences they discover alikeness in many ways. Through the sharing of Earl's experiences, comes a realization of something he should've been braved long ago.
27 Nora Ciak The Blue Boy Because of his distracted mother, a four year old boy drowns, but doesn't realize that he is dead. He watches his family deal with finding his body and grieve his death.