Results: 2021 Lune Spark Young Writers' Short Story Contest

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A (10-13 years)

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Winning stories of 2021 Lune Spark Short story contest in "10-13 years" category.

Rank Contestant's Name Story Title Story Synopsis
1 Nico Cordonier Gehring Song Spark Recovery Magic Magical music comes to the aid of a young blind immigrant struggling to wake her adopted city, in order to secure a spark of real recovery and build back better lives in the aftermath of a global pandemic.
2 Ha Jin SUNG The Shimmers That Take Us Back Stars. We look up at the night sky, and watch as bright glowing figures peer down at us. They are beautiful, but what if they carry something so much more than beauty? For Ariea, these stars bring back memories, heartbreak and a tingling feeling that someone is out there for her. Sometimes, when you feel like you have lost everything, these small things, encapsulating treasured memories, can give you the hope that drives you onward.
3 Lucie Oh You A heartbroken mother tells the beginning and the end of the life of her little girl.
4 Fiza Faisal Timeless The protagonist realises the value of time from a conversation with an old man.
5 Ean Lane The Jewel Net of Time Dissident Irish Republicans take Wembley Stadium hostage. But a secretive group has an extraordinary plan to stop them.
6 Evangeline Joy Flynn Una Nina Americana Raquel learns what it is to be not only a Dominican girl, but an American girl, when a marvelous opportunity presents itself, and leads her life up an unexpected path.
7 Anica Lest The Evelyn Award The story of how a boy who searches for his best friend when she goes missing.
8 Brishti Adhikari The Miraculous Journey Of Elodie Sephtis According to Elodie, Arcton is a miserable town, full of miserable people. Elodie Septhis was not the person who you came to when you were writing a paper on the wonders of Arcton, Idaho ‚ a population 3,406. Something you could approach Elodie about, however, was criminology. Dubbed as a "wannabe junior detective" by Arcton Police, Elodie knew everything there was to know about the laws of everywhere. Except she had no where to apply those laws to, because Arcton was empty. Arcton wasn't big enough for Elodie. When her complaints got louder, the universe decided to grant Elodie's wish, a place big enough for her needs.
9 Evangeline Joy Flynn The Legend of Silvestria In a perfect world millions of years ago, Queen Silvestria finds herself battling a wicked deity that was supposed to be dead.
10 Ashley Bohnenberger Bleed  
11 Valencia Almeida Accidents Happen A strange visitor, A small girl and one big mistake. Amy learns that not all problems have solutions and even what seems like the smallest agreement can have consequences.
12 Alexis Lam In the Shade of the Palm Trees In the dark world of 1940s Las Vegas, detective Grady investigates a hit-and-run case. Nothing is as it seems, and nobody gets what they wish for.
13 Ashley Kwan The Quest A brilliant scientist risks everything to recover a valuable venom. Will he succeed?
14 Octavian LYNCH PAWLE A Mountain Climbing Trip to Mars Sir Edmund Mountainie and Eighteenzing Southgay prepared to climb Olympus Mons, on Mars. They wondered how much chocolate they would need to climb to the top.
15 Neer Jain Seven Seven keys need to cooperate and get out of the piano into the world.
16 Alita Sebastian Remember Yesterday? Safi is going about her day as usual until a stranger calls her name. The stranger claims to know her, but Safi doesn't remember her...or anything that happened the day before.
17 Ananya Kavi Diary of an Older Sister - From My Own Experiences I am a ten year old and, what I wrote is about some of the experiences I had while being and becoming an older sister with my younger brother and, the bonds I formed with my brother
18 CHAN Ho Yan Kyle BETRYAL Elias was forced to serve in the German army in WW2, but he hates it there.
19 Ethan Lan The Trial of the Jaguar Boy Dr McClusky and his men are going exploring in the Amazon. When they encounter an uncontacted tribe, their whole trip changes. There is a mystery that needs to be solved.
20 Harinee Adivarahan An 'Out of the World' Adventure We unexpectedly embark on an 'out of the world' adventure and learn so much about the cosmos and the power of technology. We also imbibe various values crucial for humankind's continued progress.
21 Emily Chang Do What Thou Wilt Verona Lord, a British Orientalist, encounters the real-life, larger-than-life mystic Aleister Crowley. What is he planning?
22 Vanessa Hiu Wing Cheung Remedium In a country wrecked by an apocalypse, Leo, a lonely orphan boy, finds trusted friends, long-lost family, and but also unexpected loss.
23 Isha Vitale Finding My Way A bright girl takes on a new challenge and has to find her way
24 Seung June Yoon Alleyman All Mouse A genius mouse and a London hotel manager become the unlikeliest of friends.
25 Bhargav Narayan The Diary of a Witness A chilling night in the life of a victim who went right through the grips of death. Who was the victim? What happened, through the words of a witness.

Winning stories of 2021 Lune Spark Short story contest in 13-16 years category.

Rank Contestant's Name Story Title Story Synopsis
1 Maya Anvar That Mouse A wise old stuffed animal passes on his wisdom to a new one, and speaks of his story of love, loss, and finding his purpose.
2 Camille Buzzerio A Monument's Point of View For generations, the Eiffel Tower has fascinated Parisians and visitors alike, but who knew it had a mind of its own?
3 Bridget Pouliot The Fountain and Their Futures People go through hardships all the time, but what if one person and a fountain can make someone's life a little easier?
4 Ella Xue Head in the Clouds A little boy is separated from his parents and stranded on the moon - is it real or is it all a dream?
5 Kayla Xu Rice-Paper Girls A mother remembers her estranged daughter and regrets trying to force her own wishes upon her. Will they reconcile after so many years?
6 Kelsey Pizante For A Fraction Of A Second On a rainy day in New York City, a grief-stricken cab driver contemplates the complexities of life and time by listening in on his passengers' conversations and analyzing their relationships while taxiing them around the city for potentially the last time. 
7 Sophia Lohmeier Blue Butterflies  For a young Japanese girl living in Idaho, life is forever changed after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and new horrors await her in the Minidoka Internment Camp. 
8 Taylor Klaas Missing A story of a girl who went missing.
9 Addison Hill Twelve Years Twelve years ago, Odette's brother mysteriously disappeared on a flight, and she hasn't been able to let go since. However, one night in the airport will change everything.
10 Ankita Karuturi Sunny Side Work and school. That was Jen's life until that girl showed her something beautiful.
11 Arya Kamath Real He was afraid of being loved back then, and he left. But he made her a promise, and he was going to fulfill it even when she was past moved on.
12 Ella Xue A Butterscotch Lollipop A compassionate man loses faith in the world after a tragedy, but a small girl with a pure heart restores his innate kindness.
13 Ella Xue Two Boys, A Baseball, and a Fish Newly arrived in a foreign land, a Japanese boy tries to befriend a neighborhood kid, Daniel, who shares a similar passion of baseball. But when Daniel unexpectedly shows up at his door, the Japanese boy is surprised, letting him into his home and heart, not knowing that things aren’t exactly what they seem.
14 Jona David Cordonier Gehring Beyond the Narrative The creative writing challenge of a young man's English exam offers him the opportunity for a glorious fantasy adventure - or the deepest despair.
15 Maya Anvar The Magnificent Bird A mystical bird who has dedicated her life to spreading love and goodwill throughout the world must pass on the duty to her friends before it is too late. Unexpectedly, her friends come back with a gift to reciprocate the bird's kindness, a gift that continues to impact the world today. In an abstract and magical approach, this story tells of the long lasting and powerful effects of kindness.
16 Noah Oh Let's Call it Friendship A cunning talking fox decides to try taming a human, Meanwhile, a lonely child sets out to make new friends.
17 Anoushka Kolluru Summer Moon Everyone is assigned their role in the story at birth. Protagonists have it best, they get all the attention, never make a mistake, and most importantly, they get the coveted Happily Ever After. However, when the protagonist of our story suddenly disappears, her role is up for the taking. What will happen to the rest of the characters, and can someone replace the protagonist?
18 David Man Let the Wind Lead A man recalls the death of his beloved grandmother, his feelings after, and how his life ultimately changed for the better.
19 Karuna Chandran Wistful Thinking Friends come and go, but the memories that form at a young age have a lasting impact.
20 Niharika Thuppanna A Meal That Saved Lives As Venkat and his brother attend their new public school in southern India, they are faced with undesirable conditions, from dirty old structures called "classrooms" to a tiny teacher with an even shorter temper. Their high school experience has started off questionable, but can they take on the challenges ahead?
21 Amani Arunga Rosebud Serena has everything perfected and everything planned. The perfect place, the perfect outfit, the perfect night, and the perfect girl. She even saved a quarter for the jukebox- to play the perfect song. When the time finally comes she's brimming with excitement, but every rose has it's thorns, so can Serena reach for hers without getting hurt?
22 Brenden Jiang The Fool A skilled and knowledgeable sailor who struggles to find meaning in life goes fishing alone amidst a brewing storm. 
23 Brenna Nichols A Dance with An Assassin  Adelyn Westwood is a young assassin, who is tasked with the murder of the prince Aiden. She is resolved to do her job well, but fate has other plans.
24 Gwen Slaughter The Unfinished Story Have you ever wondered how a story came to be? One snowing night, Lois hears the family's tragic legend of Zale Solace, and learns that it could be more than just a fantasy. 
25 Preeti Parmar Silence Being a girl in a man’s world is not easy, especially when you are royalty. Princess Anne, also known as the only child of Queen Caroline and King Leopold, was the core of her country: Pembourn. For years she watched Pembourn prosper, and for years she witnessed the necessity for the Queen to birth a son. Soon, Anne finds Pembourn on the brink of destruction, anxiously fearing the state of her nation. Can Anne battle the misogyny of the crown and finally take control of the country she so very adores? Or will she be forced into the background, observing Pembourn’s demolition, and living a silent life forever?
26 Sandhya Vetrivel The magic inside of you Princess Sophia has always longed to be beautiful. But as the only princess without a fairy godmother, that wish doesn't seem to be coming true. However, after a falling into the mirror where her fairy godmother's imprisoned, will her values change?
27 Shreya Birudavolu Bus Stop Every day, Mila has always seen the same few people at her bus stop, only this time, a little boy is missing. Worried as to what might of happened to him, she decides to investigate and find clues, as to who that little boy really is. 
28 Soumya Shenoy Ambivalence Aria loves being a pirate, but as a battle rages she learns that everything comes at a cost. Even saving her own life.
29 Summer Rose Heutel Chicago Can something beautiful come out of a vicious world?