Results: 2022 Lune Spark Young Writers' Short Story Contest

To see the winners in Category
A (10-13 years)

To see the winners in Category
A (13-16 years)

Winning stories of 2022 Lune Spark Short story contest in "10-13 years" category.

Rank Contestant's Name Story Title Story Synopsis
1 Zoe Chan Seasons of Unspoken Words Not available.
2 Isabel Avrushin Colors of Loss In a silent world, a deaf girl relies on colors to get her through the process of grief after the loss of her brother.
3 Fiza Faisal Orphanage of Colors A young girl discovers in a ghost house a forgotten world of love and loss that challenges her perceptions.
4 Hannah Kwan Entropy Not available.
5 Natalie Pidgeon You Will Sea Unlike her younger sister, Chloe Marshall is not thrilled to be going to Belize. Is her phobia of the ocean holding her back? In this story, through a series of adventures, one girl's view of the sea-creatures below may change.
6 Ziheng Shen A Lotus Wish An eleven-year-old girl finally realizes the grief and horror of losing the one she loves. Will she find the courage she'll need to face through the bad times when things go from bad to worse?
7 Kiana Shah Orphaned Not available.
8 Trisha Rumjahn Promise Submerged in technology, the human race has found the science needed to live forever... But in order for one human to stay immortal, another has to die. When Olive finds out she will be sacrificed for her best friend's immortality, she makes one last promise to him. But is it a promise she could keep?
9 Liana Chan A Rare Gift 12-year-old Alana Moore suddenly finds herself in the grand Efil Academy. She is quickly thrown into a confusing world where she has no recollection of how she got there and unexpectedly discovers a rare gift and the true meaning of life.
10 Cassidy Brown A Blank Page How a girl found herself and her family through writing.
11 Sarah Swan Zoo Misfits After becoming friends, young Zeb and Gerrie can almost forget that they're outcasts. But when the storm comes, will an act of courageous teamwork grant them the acceptance they crave?
12 Brishti Adhikari Conundrum They say curiosity killed the cat, but the real conundrum is if satisfaction actually gets it back.
13 Alex Jiang Big Heart In this cyberpunk thriller, Tokyo's networks - and human hearts - are menaced by a virus.
14 Kristy Chan A Bloody Inheritance The heir to the Bailey family fortune is held for ransom. But nobody is sure to get what they want.
15 Ketki Khadilkar In the Depths of the Peaceful Forest A look at the future of the forest environment.
16 Ishaani Molugu Countdown People say time waits for no one. But is the same true for Lauren Meek who can control it?
17 Myra Bisnik The Purple Shell Not available
18 Tina Zhao Only the Purest Not available
19 Boris Cheung Hawaii In this World War II thriller, a Chinese spy plays a dangerous game.
20 Clarence Yim A Storm in Heaven A marooned traveller is rescued by a mysterious sailor. What secrets could both men be hiding?
21 Harini Nachiappan Give it a Chance Hannah is really upset with her move, and in the midst of it all, will she be able to accept the change?
22 Saira Thomas The Fruit of Endurance Joey, a hard working boy is sad that he is always in the shadow of his overachieving brothers. His Grandpa often tries to convince him that being responsible and hard working is just as important. Can the extraordinary events that the three brothers experience volunteering at a zoo help change Joey's mind and build his self-esteem? The Fruit of Endurance tries to convey that hard work is always rewarded one way or the other and that even if you don't win medals and trophies you are still appreciated and are special.
23 Charlotte Paterson Lasp Gasp A tween girl battles illness in the 1900s.
24 Get Back Up Brooklyn Maday A girl who gets bullied because she is albino and her best friend whom has vitiligo, always stands up for her when she can‚ but one day her friend does not show up and when she does come to school she is super sad. The girl soon finds out her friend is getting abused and the story escalates more from there.
25 Tommy Liu The Book Catastrophe Egypt is raining books, but meet Storm, Kenji, and Rush when they bravely venture into the wild to defeat evil and to save Throth's book of knowledge. Are they able to save their city or will they fail doing so?
26 Leonard Chong A Dagger from the Past Not available
27 Amber Chiao This Should Not Be Scary Not available.
28 Madelyn Wong Hei Ching The Myth of Medusa In New York, the statue of Medusa have been asleep in a museam, waiting for someone to wake her up. Someone woke her up and the people are facing their worst enemy yet. What would happen?

Winning stories of 2022 Lune Spark Short story contest in "13-16 years" category.

Rank Contestant's Name Story Title Story Synopsis
1 Leela Kingsnorth The Inpatients Confined in a notorious 20th century tuberculosis sanatorium, a sick child wandering its cold corridors begins to see things. Not just things, but people. And not just people, but people from the memories of her fellow inpatients.
2 Amani Arunga All the Water on the Moon Snowflakes are falling and winter has struck a small town. Of course there's always school in the morning, no matter how chilly the weather.
3 Maggie Liu Fever 1966 1966. China. The fever of the Cultural Revolution was burning high. A father passed away. His daughter must go home, but was told not to.
4 Olivia A. Duke The Song of the Lily Karl Baumann is a young Nazi SA officer in Germany in 1933. His only surviving family though - one sister - doesn't agree with his being a Nazi. In fact, she doesn't agree with Hitler at all.
5 Ha Jin Sung The Infinite Melody of Finite Tears A young girl whose world has just faced light for the first time struggles to fight the growing darkness inside of her as she laments the death of her brother. That is, until, she realizes something beautiful.
6 Pranavi Vedula Are you okay? Are you okay? The question we all know the answer to. Or do we? Explore the tale of Theo and Clementine, a young couple navigating heartbreak and a broken relationship, while seeking to truly answer the question we all know best. 
7 Victoria Tan Last Lighthouse of the Stars  Alone in the gathering dark, with all the people of the realm fled to other worlds, a guardian of the last lighthouse makes her stand against something stirring in the chains beneath the sea. It is more powerful than any god, more ancient, with an anger fit to destroy the world. Perhaps Dior will not survive...but if so, thus is her penance to pay.  
8 Addison Hill Violet Syrup When an edible sky begins to drip over the world, Hollis' mother tells her only one thing: don't drink the night. When her classmate Skylar drinks the night, everything goes awry.
9 Trisha Deepak My Willow, Our Tree As a young lover sits in a very special spot, he recalls memories of his loved one, lost to wrath of death.
10 Anna Swan A Shoeshiner's Fortune An orphaned shoeshiner tries to live like his parents taught him. Will his virtues lead to more than just a miserable adventure through London?
11 Leela Kingsnorth A Cat May Look A stable boy sees anarchy in the future of his kingdom- but then his long-lost father reveals himself as the least expected person. Should he turn away? And what do those mysterious Strangers want with him?
12 LaVie Saad Golden Gum A spider, wise in most regards, finds himself entangled in old webs he crafted a little while ago. Golden resin that leaks from the Acacia tree he calls his home, though, inches closer and closer to The Spider, threatening to encapsulate his body and transform him into a frozen statue. His sons, his previous saviors that rescued him death twice before, are nowhere to be found, though one special son has the ability to sense all forms of trouble. For what reason have his sons failed?
13 Maya Anvar Unconquerable Seeking to challenge fate, a girl encounters a surprising change in her mindset while contemplating life atop a rock.
14 Sarah Kwok Climbing the Mountain Each boy in the Kazakh golden eagle tribe must claim their own golden eagle from a mountain. Altai is a clumsy climber and is terrified of his grandfather, the tribe leader, disowning him. The day for Altai to claim his eagle has arrived.
15 Matthew Califano The Coin Market Greed often blinds us to reality and causes us to engage in self-delusion. Greed has afflicted us since the dawn of time and in "The Coin Market" we see how it has always been an exercise in vanity.
16 Shreya Birudavolu The Garden of Uncared Beauties This is not an ordinary garden. It is a garden where the flowers grow out of the ground dead, the statues are distressed, and the deer who wish to help the garden are turned into monsters. If the garden-keeper himself doesn't care to help, than who can?
17 Rylee Yeo Incarceration She only wishes to be free, free from her horrid prison of too many years to count. He prevents her from escaping, he who has Lucifer's voice of velvet and Mammon's greed.
18 Teresa Cheung Wolves of the Winter Woods As Lanyu stays with her ominous neighbours during a blizzard, she listens as the slightly mad Uncle Biao speaks of a story about wolves. While her time in the house continues, she sees a threat which no other person in the village is able to comprehend.
19 Sophia Douglass Therondia Aria, a young rider with a dark past, must face her fears to save the heir to the throne of Therondia.
20 Lara Fraenkel Mad Scientist on the Loose This is the story of a man, who has an obsession so deeply rooted inside his mind, that it consumes his every waking moment: how can he prove to the world that animals have as much potential as humans? Can he awaken it? He wants to shatter the image of a world in which humans are the undisputed rulers, superior in every way. Is it pure madness, nothing but a futile dream? Or is he onto something? You may decide.
21 Noah Oh Rose of Sharon You're a vegan because you love animals. I'm a vegan because I hate plants. We are not the same.
22 Bridget Pouliot A Dream for the Dreamer After granting the wishes of others, her own wish finally came true. 
23 Emma Schelldorf Unspoken  Funeral director Li Yue comes from a family of morticians who can see ghosts- however, after a seemingly normal encounter with the ghost of the recently deceased, emotions that she would rather keep six feet under begin to unearth themselves in a tale of life, death, and loss.
24 Bridget Pouliot Nightmares A student tasked with a writing assignment shares her worst nightmare. 
25 Aiden Wong When WWII Ended in a Rap Battle What if there was an alternate universe where Eminem and Hitler rap battled for the epic win of WW2?
26 Song Hyun Eunice Lee Circling of Existence We all have events in our lives that we deem important. In my story, the focus is on a dying man's walk down memory lane where he remembers his important events. Living most of his life next to a beach, the place holds many dear memories; so, he makes the decision to reminisce and remember his life's dealings there. While remembering his favorite life chapters, from boy to old man, he takes his last breath on his beach.
27 Evangeline Flynn Queen of the Coven My life has always been weird. I found out when I was 10, I could imagine anything into existence. My parents urged me to keep my immense powers secret, but it was no use. I lost all control of them one day, and have since been on the run. I was really getting tired of running - slipping in and out of the cracks and crevices of the rolling countryside, hoping no one would notice me, until I woke up on a seemingly mundane winter evening.  
28 Ivy Sklenicka The Reboot Someone trapped in a complex prison faces extreme obstacles and challenges in order to escape, and possibly find answers about who they are.