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A place to learn from award winning artists

Lune Spark was founded on making high-quality arts education accessible to all children. With this goal in mind, we set out to provide a center for creativity that nurtures young creative minds as they explore, discover, and pursue their passions in the arts. We believe art is often not an individual task, but a collaborative endeavor that only benefits the artist when they get to experience and learn from different perspectives and disciplines.

Lune Spark facilitates a unique cross-arts pollination environment that allows your child to explore their initial interest and dabble in other areas of the arts that might grab their attention along the way. Our small group environment provides the perfect balance of personalized individual attention and valuable peer interaction that promotes growth and imaginative thought—all in a state-of-the-art facility built to inspire. 

Our teaching staff are artists themselves, and dedicated to not only providing the best education within their discipline, but personally mentoring and guiding each student in pursuit of their creative passion. The learning doesn’t stop after one course either. We offer different skill levels to meet your child’s needs as they continue to hone their craft. 

At our core, we strive to provide the best holistic learning experience we can for every child that walks through our doors. We look forward to helping your young artist find their own center of creativity.

Our Center

Imagine a place where the world revolves around creativity. A place that serves as a home-base for creative exploration through a curated course selection, a best in class physical space, and dedicated teachers who are there to guide and support along the way. A place where young creatives are able to pursue their passions, discover new ones, and collaborate with like-minded children to create masterpieces–ultimately getting real-world opportunities to show and sell their work. It’s a place filled to the brim with expression, collaboration, mentorship, and above all growth.

Lear from award winning artists

Lune Spark is this place. We provide all of the resources for your young artist to pave their creative path and learn the valuable life skills they need to succeed. We’re honored to serve as the center of creativity and can’t wait to help your young artist thrive on their journey.

Certification Courses


For young actors, both experienced and new, this course covers the craft of on stage as well as on camera acting. Students build self-awareness, develop their imagination and concentration, recognize their emotional truth, learn the actor’s vocabulary, and demonstrate the ability to be honest and committed in their acting. Through individual and group exercises, students will be introduced to the techniques necessary to play a character believably and honestly. The class will structurally fuse the traditionally separate disciplines of acting, voice, and movement into a comprehensive unit

Creative Fiction Writing


Your child has shown promise when it comes to storytelling. You know if they find the right support they can become good writers. But you haven’t found the right place yet? Try Lune Spark Center for Creativity. Our Creative Fiction Writing course teaches everything children need to know, right from basic. Our style is highly customized to each student’s needs.


One of the most important skills children need to develop is the essay writing skills – it not only helps them get into good colleges, but also helps them develop a more holistic skill of organizing their thoughts.


Softer skills are hard to master. Behavioral, social, and emotional skills are known to be key ingredients to success. In this course, we teach children communication, collaboration, adaptability, entrepreneurship, and much more.

Movie Making Course


Master the filmmaking process from scriptwriting, producing and development to distribution. Students from across the streams, along with your teacher, will help you get your full crew to make your own short movie.


Does your child have a passion for filling notebooks with interesting sketches? You know they can do well if they get the right support. Try Lune Spark Center for Creativity. Our painting teacher has 25+ years of teaching children in a very practical way.


From saving & budgeting to understanding making investment portfolios based on the individual risk appetite, children will learn everything they need to know in order to invest wisely. This course will require parents to open a custodial account, and have the students apply their learnings in their supervision.

Photography Classes


Want to go from photography novice to pro in no time? Students will learn to become good photographers, even if they have never worked with a camera before. This course offers step-by-step lessons covering the whole range of camera functions and photographic techniques. There will be demonstrations, practical assignments, and fun Q&As.


Public speaking skill is more essential than ever, but children hardly have platforms to practice it. Children will learn all the essential tips and techniques and will get to practice their skills in a friendly setting.


Audio engineering seeks to preserve and hone the quality of the sound produced. It often also involves creatively influencing a recording or performance. Audio engineers play an integral role in sound production. From capturing live sound to mixing music recordings to navigating the technical aspects of audio equipment, audio engineering touches every aspect of the music & film industries. It’s also a key component of the corporate world – be it advertising material, or event management.

Certification Courses


Students will learn the skills they need to begin or continue their journey in the animated arts! Students who have no prior knowledge of animation will be able to learn in an engaging and easy-to-follow format. Students will learn the history of animation, the art of storytelling, principles of animation, and a lot more. They will frequently do projects to showcase their creations.

Meet the Team

We believe that deep engagement between teachers and their students is needed for quality learning. That’s why most of our staff works full-time at Lune Spark.

Rick Beeman

Moviemaking, Acting


Rick Beeman is a professional writer, producer, director, and editor with over ten years of experience in Hollywood-based productions, including a number of celebrity biographies for television including Frank Sinatra, Mickey Mantle, Elvis, Charlton Heston, Jackie Robinson, and Eva Perón, among others. Rick also has a wealth of international video production experience with some of the largest and most influential corporations in the world including Saudi Aramco, SAS, BNP Paribas, and the American Heart Association, to name just a few. He has focused the last ten years in the education sector teaching thousands of students acting and filmmaking on the elementary, high school, collegiate, and professional levels.

Alyse Spiehler - Center Director Lune Spark

Alyse Spiehler

Center Director


Alyse has worked as a teacher, a writer, and an editor, and she served as a summer camp director for nearly a decade. She has had a lifelong passion for the arts, having spent her childhood writing novels and acting in plays. She believes that this creative foundation set her up for the most rewarding and enriching work that she’s engaged in in her career.


Alyse holds a BA in Philosophy and English, and an MA in Applied Philosophy and Ethics. Her work has always been fueled by a desire to help people connect with and learn from each other, and to grow as people in the process. She loves being part of a team that cultivates such a rich learning environment for the kids and families who explore the arts at Lune Spark.

Timothy L. Word Lune Spark

Timothy L. Word

Studio Manager, Audio Engineering, Music Production

Also known as Sonny King in the music industry, Tim is an Emmy-award-winning TV composer, music producer, songwriter, and professional audio engineer with over fifteen years of experience. Early in his career he was a signed recording artist with NVS Music Group and Universal Music Group touring and performing across the country. He’s worked with major recording artists and super producers like Young Scooter, Grammy winner Fanatic (Beyoncé, Diddy), and many more. While working in some of the top recording studios in Atlanta and North Carolina, Tim realized his love for music production and formed the company Music by King Inc. Perfecting his mixing/mastering skills, he became a sought after engineer and producer throughout the east coast. He’s also an accomplished TV and film composer working with popular TV productions, like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the NBA, and Lizzo’s Amazon TV series, on major networks like Hulu and HBO Max. Tim has traveled internationally, co-producing, recording, and performing with famous Italian funk band Dirotta Su Cuba and appearing on the finale of Italy’s reality TV show All Together Now in Rome. Tim is a five-time Global Music Award winner, four-time Intercontinental Music Award Winner, USA Songwriting Competition winner, a three-time Hollywood Music in Media Awards nominee, and most recently became a voting member of the Recording Academy Grammys and an advocate for musicians rights. In July, Tim helped write the recently published book How to Write Better Songs: Songwriting Secrets from Award-Winning Songwriters along with several other award-winning songwriters including Scott Ashley.

Michelle Dunn

Michelle Dunn

Audio Engineering, Music Production, Flute

Michelle Dunn is a classically trained multi-genre flutist and recording artist with thirty-plus years of teaching and performing experience. She has studied and performed with some of the top orchestral flutists in the U.S. and abroad. Additionally, she is also a piccolo specialist and expert in the field of world/ethnic flutes. In addition to being a self-produced indie recording artist, Michelle is also an audio engineer, receiving her certification from RRFC Los Angeles and mentoring with a Grammy-award-winning engineer. Her first self-produced album, Awakening, earned two Global music awards, for both music/album and audio mix/sound editing. Her Awakening album is currently available via Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and other popular streaming and download services. More information and music can be found on her website https://BornToFlute.com.
Luis Torres - Lune Spark Painting Teacher.jpg

Luis Torres

Drawing, Painting, Video Making


Luis is a professional artist and art instructor with more than ten years of experience. His teaching philosophy is to be an information facilitator, allowing the student to discover and nurture an idea with technical skill guidance, creative problem-solving, and positive energy and encouragement. He teaches drawing and painting with a strong focus on knowledge of the fundamental principles that will allow students to explore all possibilities of expressive qualities in their individual style. Luis works and lives in Apex, North Carolina.

Pablo Torres - Digital Art Teacher

Pablo Torres

Digital Art (Character Design, Concept Art, Illustration, Painting, Portraiture)


Pablo is an illustrator and digital artist with over six years of professional experience. Armed with only an iPad, he began his professional career at the tender age of sixteen through individual commissions. He has since gone on to work for well-renowned institutions such as Frederator Studios and Cartoon Network as a storyboard and concept artist. Having paved his own way through the commercial art world at such a young age, Pablo now seeks to teach the next generation the essential skills needed to blossom technically and creatively as digital artists.

Alexandra Sasha Lane - Photography Teacher

Sasha Alexandra Lane


Alexandra “Sasha” Lane is a professional photographer and photography educator. In her lifelong passion for photography, she has enjoyed exploring a large scale of photographic subjects, genres, and techniques, such as portraiture, landscape, macro, film photography, and ICM (Intentional Camera Movement). She sees photography not only as a means to documentation but as a medium of self-expression. As an educator, she strives to give her students the tools that will allow them to express their viewpoint based on their personal observation. Her teaching philosophy is rooted in a belief that every human being is unique and that kindness and support create the most fertile soil for acquiring new skills. She considers the human mind as ever changing and growing and art as being an integral part of intellectual and emotional growth. Her name “Sasha” is a common nickname for Alexandra in Slovakia, where she grew up. Today, she lives in the Triangle area with her husband, two daughters, and a dog named Penny. When she’s not photographing, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, music, and gardening.
Tomas Torres - Digital Art Instructor - Lune Spark

Tomas Torres 

Expressions & Anatomy, Figures in Motion, Comic Book Creation, Cartoon Character Design


Tomas has a friendly, fun, and kind personality, which are key qualities that allow him to connect with and inspire students in a unique way. Bringing his years of art school experience to the classroom gives his students access to the knowledge of essential art fundamentals. His interests include cartoons, comic books, video games, and movies which provide him with lots of inspiration for fun and engaging lesson plans. Tomas’ goal is to teach younger generations to “think like an artist” where students can see the world in a way that boosts creative thinking and complement all other areas of life. 

Elisha Williams

2D Animation


Elisha Williams is a graduate of the KCAI program where she earned her bachelor’s in fine arts, majoring in animation. She takes a special interest in film, animation, and other creative outlets, such as storyboarding and the experimental arts.

Linda Cozzolino - Lune Spark PR Manager

Linda Cozzolino

PR Manager


Linda Cozzolino has more than 25 years of diversified experience in marketing, communications, and public relations within the nonprofit and small business sectors. She has worked on a wide variety of campaigns and programs within an array of organizations – from large global agencies to local grassroots nonprofits – helping to engage community members and elevate brands. Beginning her career in an advertising agency on Madison Avenue in New York City, Linda thrives on the creative challenge of finding unique ways to position organizations to attract attention and engage new supporters.


Hailing from the Northeast (a proud native Jersey girl), Linda put down roots in the Triangle more than 2 decades ago, and her entire family now lives in the Cary-Apex area. A passionate lover of the arts, Linda is thrilled to be a member of the Lune Spark team! In her spare time, she dabbles in drawing, painting, and collage – and has recently resumed piano lessons. She’s equally passionate about yoga, restaurants, gardening, and pickleball – as well as hanging out with her kids (Henry, Matt, and Grace) and husband, Gary.


One of her favorite artists, Henri Matisse, famously expressed “there are always flowers for those who want to see them.” Linda is excited to support Lune Spark, a wonderful creative space that inspires artists of all ages and skill levels to pursue their passion for the arts – to build skills, to learn and grow, and to see things – including themselves –in wonderful new ways.

Pawan Mishra

Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Creative Writing, Personal Finance

Pawan is the founder of Lune Spark. He is also the cofounder and CEO of Mudra Capital. Pawan’s novel Coinman has sold more than 100,000 copies. Pawan believes that art plays a vital role in bringing more hope, love, and joy to this planet; that by helping children pursue their creative passions, more artistic seeds will grow and flourish into countless beautiful creations.

Pawan is very passionate about mentoring and coaching young artists. He has helped hundreds of young writers hone their craft of creative fiction writing. Pawan thinks leadership and entrepreneurship skills are very essential for artists, as their paths generally involve many unknown elements; yet artists rarely find opportunities to get them trained in this area. Pawan believes that by learning leadership and entrepreneurship early on, the artists will develop persistence and survival instincts required by the highly challenging world of art.


Jessika Harris

Front Office

Jessika Cherie Harris is a classically trained singer, performer, and voice instructor with over 15 years of experience. Jessika’s extraordinary talents have afforded her the opportunity to sing on some of the world’s largest stages like The Joseph Meyerhof Symphony Hall and the world-famous Carnegie Hall. Additionally, she has provided background vocals for many renowned artists and musicians such as Patti Labelle, Naomi Campbell, Wynton Marsalis, and Dave Brubeck just to name a few. She has traveled nationally and internationally as a featured chorist and soloist. Jessika obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Music as well as a Master’s in Business Administration. She has served as an administrator for many nonprofit organizations and at several higher education institutions. She now works as an administrator at one of the nation’s leading public universities here in North Carolina. When Jessika is not working, she enjoys singing, teaching music, cooking, spending time with her family and traveling.
Olivia Bailey - Lune Spark Painting Teacher

Olivia Bailey

Digital Art, Painting

Since childhood, Olivia has worked with every medium of art. In the process, she has grown to become a skilled and versatile artist. Painting, drawing, fashion design, and photography are some of the areas she is most passionate about, inspiring her in all of her walks of life. Olivia believes that art is an expression that should be shared with the world to the fullest capacity.

Victoria White - Lune Spark

Victoria White

Digital Art, Painting


Victoria White is an artist and North Carolina native. Her love for art began in elementary school where she attended Bugg Magnet Elementary Center for Design and Computer Sciences. In high school, Victoria continued to develop her skills as an artist by honing her understanding of art theory as a student in the Academy of Arts early college program where she studied illustration. Victoria is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in advertising and graphic design at Wake Tech. Victoria is proficient in both digital and traditional art. She has mastered the use of Procreate to create beautiful illustrations and also uses Photoshop, InDesign, and Clip Studio Paint to produce digital art. Her favorite traditional tools are her sketchbook, pencil, paintbrush, and gouache. Victoria has co-illustrated two independently published fiction books, and she has just begun illustrating her second nonfiction book about hospice care techniques. Victoria is excited about sharing her love for all things art and her technical knowledge with the artists of the future.

Rachel Brown

Publishing Coordination


Rachel is an undergraduate student at ECU, pursuing a BA in English with a creative writing minor. She is passionate about book editing and publishing. She is excited to learn about the business side of the publishing process while working at Lune Spark.

Sandra Ogle

Editing, Writing


Sandra Ogle has been a professional writer and editor for over fifteen years. Her editing skills were honed during her time at Penguin Random House, and since then, she has been a freelance writer and editor for many different major trade and educational publishers. Over the years, she has edited novels written by a long list of high-caliber authors. She has also worked one-on-one with first-time and self-published authors, which she finds extremely rewarding. She has an MA in journalism from NYU and a BA in English from UT Austin.

Rashmi Krishnappa

Rashmi Krishnappa



Rashmi is a practicing artist and a software engineer. Her original and unique art form derives inspiration from simple life concepts, and often represents themes from various dance forms from across the world. She always wanted to be an artist, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that she started on her journey as an artist—and today her creations find buyers on multiple platforms. She attributes this to the magical healing powers of art, and truly believes in Lune Spark’s vision of providing a Center for Creativity for children to help them find their inner spark early on. Rashmi often volunteers for children’s schools, helping them organize and manage children’s art and music events.