Why Us

A Place Where Creative Minds Start

Lune Spark is a creative center for children that allows them to explore and discover their creative passions, collaborate with like-minded students, and grow with the support of dedicated teachers.


We’re more than your typical children’s art school. Our state-of-the-art facility inspires creative exploration, cross-arts collaboration, mentorship, and growth.


Lune Spark serves as a home base for creative exploration through a curated course selection, a best in class physical space, and dedicated teachers who are there to guide and support along the way.

Holistic Education

Our center focuses on creative arts and leadership education, which is complementary to STEM education. Having a balanced education allows children better chances to be successful in their professional as well as personal lives.

Our Three-Step Process

Our simple three-step process allows students to try multiple creative streams to understand where their hearts gravitate the most. The students then focus in the area of their passion. Our center works very closely with students to help them create their own artistic works and publish and show them on a wide range of platforms (online and through in-person events like book fairs, festivals, and exhibits).

Our Key Differentiation

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Dedicated Teachers

Our teachers are practicing artists themselves and are dedicated to providing the education, mentorship, and personal attention your child needs to thrive. They take the time to get to know each student individually so they can guide them along the best possible path. Never hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns—we’re here to support your child in any way we can.

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Holistic Growth

Learning doesn’t start and end with one class. We offer different skill levels for each of our courses that allow your young artist to keep progressing and honing their craft. Along the way, they will work with their peers and have the opportunity to present their work at shows and publish on popular platforms—learning valuable skills that they’ll use for years to come.

Personalized Experience

We know no young artist is the same and we value diversity in thought—that’s why we have a unique course offering to choose from. We have an environment that facilitates exploration and discovery of creative passion. Our small group setting allows our staff to get to know each student and provide mentorship and recommendations based on your child’s unique needs and interests. It’s an art learning experience tailored to your child.

Programs That Serve Broader Needs

Our programs are very carefully designed to work for students and parents alike. These programs allow a high degree of flexibility in trying out different learning streams before committing to one long-term. Our programs also allow parents time for their work and personal schedules while we take care of teaching creative arts to their kids.